High-Impact ePortfolio Practice (CETL 2023)

CETL Description of Presentation (UNE community only)

Description: Faculty and professional staff regularly reflect on and assess students’ growth as learners and problem-solvers, but how do students understand their learning and its value? How can we help students move beyond the grade and into ownership of their education?  Learn about high-impact ePortfolio practice and consider how you might bring ePortfolio into your work with students. 
12:30 The Nugget!      12:45 Questions!

Dates: October 24 in Biddeford & October 25 in Portland

Video Presentation

Referenced Resources

Arman’s Experience (full video)

High-Impact ePortfolio Practice: Catalyst for Learning (Copies available at CETL for borrowing)

Student Profiles, including more info on Jordyn and Munib’s work

UNEportfolio Site: resources, student profiles, other digital support services

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